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Maha Shakthi Kundalini Yoga with Energy Activation or Shaktipat (Third/Top Eye)
Dear Meditator, Maha Shakthi Yogam (MSY) is an ancient Indian technique to learn Kundalini Yoga/Meditation in a traditional way. Traditionally the Self-Realized Master (Guru) or Authorized Wisdom Teacher will provide Shaktipat. Shaktipat is the process where the energy from the Master/Wisdom Teacher is transferred to the students in order to awaken their Kundalini Energy. The MSY course contains the following three sessions which activates three important energy centers (Chakras) - Base Chakra, Third Eye, Top Eye. Session I: ----------------- MSY Gnana Shakthi => Kundalini Activation (Shakthipat) - "Base Chakra (Mooladhara) Activation & Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) Activation" Date: 15-December-2018, Saturday Time: 16:00 to 20:00 Session II: ----------------- MSY Gnana Shakthi => Kundalini Activation (Shakthipat) - Top Eye Chakra (Saharara) Activation Date: 16-December-2018, Sunday Time: 13:00 to 17:00 Donation for single session is 50 CHF. Donation for two sessions is 90 CHF. Admission is only for registered people. Limited Places, Maximum participants : 12 Some of the benefits of Kundalini Energy Activation are: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Improves the immunity which keeps the body free from diseases - Mind becomes peaceful naturally at Third Eye center, so the meditation is easy for everyone. - Breathing pattern will be harmonized - Stress free and peaceful mind - Karma Cleansing and Energy Block Removal - Clear and sharp intellect - Increases Intuition - Inner happiness - Clairvoyance and Clairvision - SELF realization (our natural peaceful and blissful state) Introduction Video which explains about Kundalini Meditation: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All these events are conducted for non-profit purpose. Donations are collected on behalf of a Swiss non-profit organization (Verein) "Maha Shakthi Yogam - Switzerland"


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