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My first Filemaker application arrived on 6 or 8 floppy disks in about 1986 for use on my Apple Plus. I have used it ever since! It is an amazing tool, and I know I only scratch the surface of it's possibilities. I would love to teach and share what I do with filemaker. Just FYI, it will be required that a couple of people that work for me attend this meet up so I know somebody will show up! Professionally, I am a textiles artist and teacher of quilting. Because of this, I have a great space for teaching with ability to connect computer to projector and screen, etc. If you have a lap top bring it, if not just watch and learn and share. SHARE! One of the most important words here. I am paid well to teach quilting, and I am doing this for FREE. Hoping that someone that knows more about Filemaker than I do will show up and share some new knowledge.

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They call it Filemaker for a Reason.

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