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UPDATE 12/08/2018

I have reached my 50 member limit on my plan. I thank everyone who applied. I am going to see how things go, and if it goes well, I will expand. I have messages stating that more people want to join my group. However, the only options I have is to UPGRADE and ACCEPT new members, (which I cannot do right now, because I don't want to bite of more than I can chew, so to speak), or DECLINE new member requests.

I declined the first two people that were placed on the 'waiting list', but I DID NOT KNOW, that I would not be presented with another option to contact them after I upgrade. So I DECLINED, and it actually did not leave a record of who it was so that I can contact them later and offer membership. Therefore, I AM NOT going to decline anyone else, maybe that way I can keep you in my group system and if and when I expand, i can 'accept' your membership. However, by approaching it this way, you will NOT hear anything back from me. Your name is on a waiting list. ONCE I decide to upgrade, I will ACCEPT your membership. Thanks!

NOTE: IF I SENT YOU A DECLINE MESSAGE, PLEASE RE-APPLY, so I can keep you in my system and when another space becomes available, I will 'accept' your membership. Thank you!


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Let's get together and motivate ourselves to start a business. Let's learn together, learn strategies to start successful businesses on a limited budget. Be a MOVER AND A SHAKER. Make something happen NOW. Learn how to use internet tools to start and promote a business.

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