What we're about

We created this group specifically for women in their 30's (ish) that don't have kids, don't want kids and want to make connections/friendships with other like-minded and amazing ladies!

This meetup will be right up your alley if:

• You have a sense of humor first and foremost...and you love a good cocktail!

• You have lost touch with friends who've had babies or started families, and find yourself wanting a fun, child free by choice group of gals to hang out with.

• You've ever been made to feel like a selfish, weird, heathen by society for not wanting kids and want some support from women who feel the same as you.

• You have been asked the question, "Why don't you want kids?!" a million times and are tired of explaining it to family, friends or strangers. *Insert Salt n' Pepper it's 'None of yo' Business!' song here.* (See disclaimer #1.)

• You are kick-ass & authentic. AND you want to find some long lasting friendships with kick-ass & authentic women such as yourself.

Disclaimers, guidelines and need-to-knows:

• If you don't know who Salt N' Pepper is...you can't join this group youngin'! ;)

•Our goal for this group is to keep it on the smaller side, with smaller meetups around 6-8 people so we can actually get to know one another. If you're not active in the group for more than 6 months or RSVP & no show to events without letting us know, you'll be booted from the group. Homie don't play that.

• No intolerance of any kind will be tolerated. (Other than child-tolerance! we kid, we kid...see what we did there!?)

• Majority of our events will be on Cap Hill or sometimes downtown (surrounding neighborhoods). We will incorporate free, lower cost events as well for us urbanites on a budget! Some of these meetups will include the norm - brunches, happy hours, concerts, movies, etc. But some of these meetups will be a bit off the beaten path - sex ed classes hosted by Babeland, psychic readings for fun, volunteer events, self-improvement and more.

• Last but not least- We aren't kid haters, we just don't want to birth or be responsible for those little bacteria-spreading, money & time-sucking, needy, little 2-legged ogres... Kidding! But seriously, this isn't about looking down, judging or bashing on Moms or kids, this is about supporting each-other for making a lifestyle decision that society doesn't provide us much support for.


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Limoncello Belltown

It's time for a long overdue Happy Hour!

Bar Vacilando

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