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Trips for the daring traveler! A group of individuals and couples who love to travel and find ways to do so despite what media hysteria would have you to believe! Being safe, experiencing different cultures and of course having ABSOLUTE FUN is what we are about! We will not let anything stop us from seeing what the world has to offer.
Rent due, but I’M STILL GOING! Nobody to travel with, but I’M STILL GOING! I’ts raining non-stop, but I’M STILL GOING! Media says it’s not safe, but I’M STILL GOING! There’s nothing you can tell me because I’M STILL GOING! We invite you to join us and if not, WE STILL GOING! Let’s go see this big beautiful World! This club is open to any and everyone who loves to travel!

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Hawaii or Bust 2020


Alaska or Bust 2020!


Be Mine Punta Cana 2020

Punta Cana

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