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A New Start-Up Class - Examining the Chart's Structure

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We're across from Jefferson Square and directly beside the Regency Center driveway...a good place to park. Come in the FRONT DOOR and UPSTAIRS...Please reserve the 2 front parking spaces for Handicapped.

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Examining The Chart's Structure...

Ena Stanley, Instructor

This 8-week course parallels the first course in the Natal Studies Module at the International Academy of Astrology (the on-line certification-preparation school). It is an excellent beginning for the novice, as well as for those who are students of astrology and just want to fill in gaps. It enables you to grasp how we define a chart, astronomically, and then take that physical image and expand it into a metaphorical language.

• Week 1: Explaining the astronomical Five Great Circles and their significance in chart construction will give you an in depth understanding of an astrological chart. The realization of this simple, fundamental structure is the keystone of astrology, and sadly, one that many who claim knowledge of astrology lacks.

• Week 2: The North and South Hemispheres...A chart is a replica of our sky and subsequently, represents the sun’s travel throughout that day. Looking at your personal astrological chart will give you significant information as to whether you have a propensity for day or night – whether you have a Northern or Southern Hemisphere chart. Each hemisphere indicates a specific temperament.

• Week 3: The East and West Hemispheres...The Eastern Hemisphere in a chart is where the sun rises; the Western Hemisphere is where the sun sets. Again, this too crafts a metaphoric image in your personal chart, which better defines your temperament.

• Week 4: The Quadrants...Overlaying the Hemispheres onto the chart generates Quadrants, again enhancing chart interpretation. Having a firm appreciation of only this much of a chart will allow you to have incredible insight into another’s behavior when looking at their chart, creating a more thoughtful understanding.

• Week 5: Temperament Patterns...Originated by Mark Edmund Jones in the first half of the 20th Century – and commonly referred to as “Jones Temperament Patterns” – looks for the configuration of the planets in your chart, honing temperament to a higher level and opening yet another quantity of interpretation.

• Week 6: The Quadruplicities & Angular, Succedent and Cadent Houses...Here I’ll take you on a recap of the Angles covered in earlier classes, while integrating them with seasons, then, breaking it all down into months, and metamorphosing that into corresponding signs. I will also take you into the metaphorical images of paralleling astrological houses.

• Week 7: Triplicities Within Quadruplicities...I give you the elements!

• Week 8: The Final Signature & Sub-Signature...You may be a Pisces, but your signature is Libra...You'll find out why!

Ena Stanley has been teaching certification preparation classes since January 1986 and have been a certified professional astrologer since 1980. She holds certifications from two national organizations -- National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR)-Level IV and International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) -- and specialized certification from Dr. Zipporah Dobyns, a clinical psychologist. She also won the prestigious international Regulus Award for Education in astrology in 2012. She moved to the Cleveland area in 2011 and opened the IAA-Cleveland Center the fall of 2012.

$20/class, or $145 on, or before, 1st class (7 July).