Facilitators & Friends Evening Meetup - Facilitate the Future We Want - 2

IAF North of England facilitators and friends
IAF North of England facilitators and friends
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Not another online meetup!

Normally held face-to-face in London, September's Evening Learning meetup is now online!

These learning meetups provide an opportunity to learn about facilitation skills, tools, and approaches from one another.

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Facilitate the Future We Want - 2

Hosted by: John Varney and Cat Duncan-Rees

On 17th July a group of us met, under the auspices of IAF and under the title of “Facilitate the Future We Want”, to explore what role we facilitators might play in building a more wholesome society. Those who participated agreed to meet again to review our reflections and see where they lead us next!

As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to disrupt life and work, it becomes clear that we will never return to “life as normal”, even though that is what many people crave. And as we agreed back in July, nor should we return to a normal that was patently unfair and unsustainable.

We are inviting all who participated and anyone else who may be interested, to continue the conversation on this important topic.

One issue that emerged was that people felt constrained by the idea that facilitation ought to be a neutral role. But is it acceptable to be neutral while the planet burns? Whereas neutrality may be appropriate and necessary within a group it is surely a copout to remain neutral to existential threats.

So, we invite you to join us in a further exploration of how we can actively facilitate the future we want. This interactive event will be a series of small group dialogues designed to help you gain insight into this vital aspect of your work.

Join us and discover for yourself how you might help build a more wholesome society.

The main event will be[masked], and from 7.30 there will be time to stay and chat... :)

Use the hashtag #IAFMeetup on social media before, during & after the meetup!

NB: There will be no charge for this particular evening learning event.