Quarterly networking and learning meetup


This quarterly networking & learning meetup will repeat on the first Thursday of every third month, at different venues throughout the region.

This afternoon session will allow time and space for us to demonstrate, practice and experiment with our facilitation together, and share feedback on that, as well as share presentations and support through discussion. Each will include some combination each time of these four key elements:

• a round of introductions, followed by open discusssion to follow up on whatever emerges of common interest

• a short presentation from one or two of those present, followed by questions and discussion

• one or two longer facilitated sessions, followed by feedback and discussion on the process as well as the content

• an opportunity for 2 or 3 of those present to share a current challenge or issue that they are struggling with, to receive questions, feedback or advice in return.

Please let us know in a comment below if you are prepared to share a presentation, facilitate a session, or bring a challenge or issue for us to respond to.

Please share a review on the group page afterwards, to let others know how you found the meetup - and please use the hashtag #IAFMeetup on social media before, during & after the meetup!

What other sorts of meetups would you like to attend, or help to organise?

Please share your thoughts and suggestions in a comment below, including if you are able to to offer to host or suggest a venue for a future meetup.