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This is a group for anyone interested in learning about #IBMCloud, the cloud built for business. You can be an existing #IBMCloud user, or someone who has never touched the #IBMCloud before. Meetup topics will vary and could be of interest to developers, administrators, or business leaders.

We are interested in using cool tech to grow business and make the world a better place. Some of the technology topics that we care about are: cloud platforms, artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics, automation, cloud services / APIs, data science, integration, application development, and governance.

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Intelligent Automation Atlanta: The Journey of a Microbrewery

If you think Digital Business Automation is too complex for your organization, then you need to experience new software from IBM that make information management and business processes simple to use for everyday business users. With constant change caused by competition, shifting regulations, and upstarts disrupting long- standing industries, organizations can no longer wait for overburdened IT resources to get around to their project. Which is why there’s a growing movement to put Automation in the hands of the people that use it. Call it “Intelligent Automation.” Intelligent Automation focuses on automation tools that a Business Analyst can configure or update with a simple intuitive interface and a minimum of training. IBM has taken this demand for simplicity very seriously and has responded with solutions built for the business user. See for yourself if you think you can use it. Join us on April 25 in Atlanta and within an hour, you’ll learn how to: • Set up an intelligent document capture system to extract information • Model and test a process workflow from start to finish • Build a software robot to execute your most boring task • Create and test a set of automated business rules to enforce a new company policy Finally, Automation tools that you can use! Join us at 12:00pm EST!

Intelligent Automation Miami: The Journey of a Microbrewery

If you think Digital Business Automation is too complex for your organization, then you need to experience IBM’s new set of Automation tools that make Document Capture, Intelligent Workflow, Robotic Process Automation and Business Rules simple to use for everyday business users. Register now for a fun filled, educational event where we’ll use wine to demonstrate just how intuitive IBM Digital Business Automation software can be. We will ask volunteers from the audience to: • Play the role of business user and quickly set up a capture system to locate and extract all the ingredients and prices found in a distillery’s sales orders. • Model the process of ordering wine for a large restaurant. • Design and test a set of business rules that can automatically set prices for a distributor based on purchase volume • Build a simple robot that can automate ordering new wine when supplies are running low. It’s "everyday" Automation and it’s a lot simpler than most people think. After the presentation, enjoy networking and wine with IBM experts and your peers. Register now and please forward this message to your colleagues so they can join you for this complimentary event. The event is free, but space is limited and pre- registration is required. This event is open to the public, and the invitation is transferable.

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