What we're about

Welcome to the IBM Developer Meetup group for Belgium and Luxembourg!

We're running a series of hands-on workshops (BYOD*) on a variety of technologies:

- Internet of Things
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Data Science
- Blockchain
- Cloud Native Development and Containers

Each of these tracks will be split in to several workshops diving deeper in to the subject each time.

What you can expect during our Meetups: Hands-on, talks, networking, food and drinks!

Have a question for our developer advocates? Visit their profiles and areas of expertise here (https://developer.ibm.com/code/community/cities/amsterdam/).

Get instant access to numerous code patterns (https://developer.ibm.com/code/patterns/?cm_sp=Developer-_-Top-Nav-_-Journeys).

We hope to see you at our events!

IBM Developer Advocacy team

* Bring Your Own Device

Upcoming events (2)

Add a chatbot to Facebook Messenger using Node-Red

Online event

In this session, you will learn how to build a chatbot using IBM Watson Assistant and use Facebook Messenger as a front-end for communication. You will also learn how to use Node-Red as integration point and explore some of the additional capabilities this offers... If you want to follow along you will need a Facebook developer account and an IBM Cloud account. You can signup for a free Lite account at : https://ibm.biz/freeaccount

Connect Alexa to your Watson chatbot using Node-Red

Online event

If you are a developer focused on chatbots or artificial intelligence, this is for you. This workshop will help you to create an Alexa skill for IBM Watson Assistant. We will also use Node-Red as an interface between Alexa and Watson so you can additionally control your IoT devices. This workshop is mainly directed towards developers, IT architects, technical people, but anyone who is interested in the subject can of course join the meetup. Make sure to bring your laptop so that you may follow along with the guided lab. You will also need an IBM Cloud account. You can signup for a free Lite account at : https://ibm.biz/freeaccount

Past events (34)

Protecting NodeJS backend applications using OAuth

Online event

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