What we're about

Welcome to the IBM Code Scotland Meetup group.

This Meetup group is a learning community for developers run by developers. We primarily offer a series of hands-on workshops (BYOD*) with some extra special events such as mini-conferences and Ask Me Anything sessions on a variety of technologies including:

- Cloud Native Development and Containers
- Internet of Things
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Data Science
- Blockchain

We will run everything from 101 workshops, through intermediate and deeper dives into to a technology with our developer advocates plus special guest developers and engineers from our software labs.

What you can expect during our Meetups? Hands-on, talks, advice and opportunities for asking questions.

We also have Meetup groups in London and Bristol,

* https://www.meetup.com/ibm-code-london/
* https://www.meetup.com/ibm-code-bristol/
We hope to see you at our events! **

IBM Developer Advocacy team

* Bring Your Own Device

** We currently run all our events online, but we hope to start live events again soon.

Thanks for your continued support

Missed a session? All content is made available on our GitHub Repro where all the code is there for you: http://ibm.biz/content-code-ldn

Code of Conduct : https://github.com/IBMCodeLondon/infos/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md ( https://github.com/arlemi/IBMCode_London/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md )

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Deploy a Python-Flask application on IBM Cloud

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