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Welcome to the IBM Developer meetup in Puerto Rico!

Join this meetup where we will discover and learn how to use emerging technologies to solve Puerto Rico’s most complex challenges.

We host hands-on workshops on a range of topics:

- Blockchain
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Data Science
- Serverless
- Cloud Native Development and Containers
- Quantum Computing

This meetup is also the home of “Call for Code Puerto Rico” events!

What is Call for Code?

Call for Code is an annual global developer challenge that mobilizes developers, data scientists, designers, business analysts, and subject matter experts to build solutions that significantly improve preparedness for natural disasters and accelerate relief when they hit.

The winning team receives:

• A $200K cash prize
• Open Source Support from The Linux Foundation
• Meetings with mentors and potential investors
• Solution implementation support through the Code and Response™ program at IBM

Building on the success of the 2018 competition, this year's Challenge also introduces an emphasis on individual health and community well-being. This includes solutions that can reduce the risk of disease, improve access to data and the availability of resources, and address the mental health needs of those impacted before, during, and after disasters.

Over 100,000 developers from 156 nations, competed in the Call for Code 2018 Global Challenge.

They built over 2,500 applications with IBM Cloud technology, to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

This year, it's your turn. Will you answer the Call in 2019? Enter the competition or spread the word:

You can find more resources on the IBM platform here:

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