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Cloudification of Enterprise Applications Case Study

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Today, almost every company leverages cloud for application deployment. Many businesses build apps right in the cloud to achieve scalability, availability, cost efficiency, and increased performance but there is still a great number of on-premises solutions that need to be migrated. Adapting apps that were not developed as cloud-native ones is a complex process that requires a thorough strategy.

💡Why attend
See a real case study on how to practically approach the Move of Client Enterprise Applications to Cloud – from an architectural perspective.
From experience, expectation is that the session will become quite interactive.

🎓What you will learn
We are discussing the cloud core concepts such as Service Models, Deployment Models, as well as business benefits and KPIs that motivate enterprises to migrate their applications to Cloud.
Finally, we discuss the architectural options for moving a reference application of the Client to Cloud and key considerations for making the decision on Target Architecture and transformation path.

👥 Who should attend
Anyone that is interested in Cloud Applications and wants to understand better the considerations of moving an application to Cloud.

📌 Pre-requisites

▶️ Corneliu Barbulescu
He is an IBM Certified Executive Architect providing Design Authority leadership for key GBS clients across EMEA.
He is responsible for leveraging Thought Leadership skills in Cloud, Application and Enterprise Architecture for guiding customers along their IT enabled business transformation.
Authored Reference Architectures for Digital, Cloud Transformation and DevOps as frameworks for planning and delivering Complex Transformational Programs.

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