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IBM and MAPSYS Systems are hosting a Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & HPC meetup near the Campus of Case Western Reserve University at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 22nd at the Jolly Scholar restaurant and bar.

Advanced Machine learning, including all aspects of AI and HPC computing are becoming increasingly important to all industries. Either in healthcare with targeted Cancer treatments through advanced Genomics or in retail with targeted advertising based upon purchasing patterns, the possibilities with advanced computing are limitless. With the recent announcement of the world's fastest super computers (Summit and Sierra), IBM is quickly becoming the breakout leader in advanced computing.

IBM and MAPSYS Systems are coming together to host a MEETUP to engage the community to discuss these emerging technologies as well as gain insight on possible use cases. Dr. Frank Lee, Ph.D., IBM's Global Leader for Advanced Analytics solutions will be in attendance, to share his insights as mingle with the attendees.

This will be an informal gathering, with the opportunity to socialize with leading industry experts, where free refreshments and snacks will be provided.

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