May 2018 - New ICOs + Panel discussion on the route to a successful ICO


This panel-led session is an opportunity to hear first-hand on the route to a successful ICO: "The Crypto Journey - from idea to fruition".

Issuing a successful digital token requires planning and discipline. There are number of steps that any token issuers will need to address and the panel will go through the route map from idea to successful issuance.

Speakers will include:

■ Martin Bartlam, Partner and Head of International Finance at DLA Piper

■ Jonny Fry, CEO at Team Blockchain Ltd

■ Ben Brown, Partner (Tax) at DLA Piper

■ David-Alexander Dahan, Head of Real Estate at Leaseum Partners

■ Teana Baker-Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Coinfloor

■ Kumar Gaurav, Founder and CEO at Cashaa

Please remember to book soon as spaces are limited and we can accept people only who have registered.