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How To Buy & Sell Land For Huge Profits and/or Cash Flow Workshop
$99 for ICOR Members/$149 for Non-ICOR Members Register at: “Make more on a $1,000 piece of land than others do on a $100,000 house, all without tenants, toilets, and termites! Jonathan Haveles started in real estate in 2003 by getting his license and then opened a brokerage in 2007. Around this same time, he realized that investors were some of his biggest clients. He started investing in short sale flips, rehabs and wholesaling at that time. He also received extensive commercial real estate training around this time. In 2012, he attended training and found the little-known niche in Investment Real Estate of buying and selling lots and unimproved land. While originally looking to this avenue to supplement his house investment business, since early 2013, Jonathan has not done a single deal outside of land. Lands and lots have become his passion as there are no lenders, no inspections, little regulation and little to no competition. Jonathan was inducted into Jack Bosch’s Forever Cash Hall of Fame in 2016 for a large number of land deals while using Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator System. He has done over 500 land deals in this time and for the past couple of years, has helped in educating those who either find houses too difficult to do, or are sick and tired of the competition in the house area and how to make the same or larger checks from simple land and lot flips without any of the hassles and complexities that come with houses. He has also implemented strategies to make land cash flow massively and consistently with checks coming in for year. Jonathan is an active investor all across the USA and will show you how you can take the most neglected part of Real Estate - LAND - and not only buy nice quality properties and flip them for 200% to 10000% profits within a matter of days but also how to make land cash flow! Once he figured out his unique step-by-step system, he went from $0 to $1 million in profits in 18 months. Jonathan has done deals all over the US without even looking at most of these properties. He works mainly from home or a small office in north Phoenix. His students are now doing deals in the US while living all over the world. They often pay as little as $100 for a free & clear property and sell it for thousands. Jonathan is sharing his Secrets To Buying Land For Pennies On The Dollar And Cash Flow on Saturday, August 18th. You will learn to: - Buy quality buildable properties for as little as $1000 -- directly from the owners -- Without competition -- Without mortgages (no credit worries!) - Sell them in as little as 7-10 days for Top dollar - Make more on a thousand dollar piece of land than others make on a $100,000 House - Create long-lasting passive Cash Flow from your land deals All of it without huge marketing expenses and without Realtors, Banks, Appraisers, Inspectors, Contractors, etc. Plus he’ll even show you how to build a revenue stream for YEARS without tenants, toilets or trash!

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