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We believe in thinking differently, the way we think different is by challenging the status quo, the way we challenge the status quo is by creating an environment where great ideas can happen. We call it ideas meritocracy environment, where like minded people gather together and discuss about topics related to business and self development.

The goal of ‘’iDeas Worth Sharing’’ is to give you all the knowledge and tools to succeed, to inspire you to try more, to do more, and to create something bigger than ourselves.

We strongly believe that knowledge is there to be shared, and ideas to be heard.

We believe in challenging the status quo by:

*Sharing Ideas

*Exchanging experiences

*Sharing interesting projects

*Never Stop learning

‘’You’re never too old to learn, or too young to teach’’ – Richard Branson

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LIVE SALES BATTLE #1 They say that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Preparation is when you work hard. Opportunity is for people who show up. And when you show up you work hard. And hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Whether you have natural talent for sales or you are anti sales person, we dare you to show up! Let’s face it, we are all salespeople, weather you need to sell yourself on a job interview, or negotiate with your wife who will wash the dishes, it’s all about selling! If you want to sell more, earn more, SHOW UP at our event and learn how to sell and more importantly how not to sell! You will watch how salespeople pitch product to a customer live, how they handle customers objections, and you get to choose if they were good enough to close the customer or not with voting system we have in place! For the ones who want to take part in the sales battle, SIGN UP for a battle here: [masked] Product: Real Estate, Finance sales How it works: Sign up and pitch a product to a customer! Rules: You will have 10 minutes time and 1 on 1 with a customer to try to sell your product. At the end of your time, the crowd will decide if they would buy from you with voting system! Sounds scary? We bet it is, but we are sure that this experience will help you sell more with your real-life customers. You will get a feedback for the things you did good, and also for the things you could have done maybe differently. We challenge you to sign up for a battle, to grow and to sell more! Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

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