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This group is for anyone interested in IT, Engineering and Technology. It is run by IET Berkshire. The IET is the Institution of Engineering and Technology. However, you do not have to be an IET member to come along to our meetups. We have an exciting line of events through out the year and we will post them to this meet up as the information becomes available. Enjoy !!

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How do renewable energy technologies play a role in achieving our Net Zero goal

Sagnik Murthey,B.Eng (Hons), MIET, MBA will present. The talk will provide an overview of how distributed energy sources are helping to decarbonise the electricity, transport and heat sectors. As the energy system gets more decentralised and digitalised flexibility will play a key part in balancing supply and demand in the grid and consumers will have a greater role to play in the energy transition taking place. Please register at https://events.theiet.org/events/renewable-energy-achieving-net-zero/

The value of spectrum in a 5G world

Online event

Spectrum is an invaluable asset for mobile network operators (MNOs). Additional spectrum provides significant benefits and enables MNOs to deploy new services and technologies such as 5G. But it doesn’t come for free. This talk provides an overview of the value of spectrum in a 5G world and discusses the following points: a) Existing spectrum portfolios and future spectrum needs b) Factors affecting spectrum value. c) 5G spectrum: What’s it worth? d) Spectrum valuation approaches and challenges. Please register at https://events.theiet.org/events/the-value-of-spectrum-in-a-5g-world/

Anntennas in Wireless Communications and sensor systems history and perspective

Dr Ernest Okon will talk about antennas and how they have emerged as a ubiquitous component in modern wireless communications from mobile phones to Wi-Fi and in sensor systems such as radar. Is origins are in electromagnetic research and early study of radio in the 19th century with growing application in air, land, sea and space systems. A review of the origins of antennas and the narrative to present and future applications is presented whilst highlighting the synergy with emerging technology such as metamaterials and 3D printing. Link to follow

Busting the Internet of Things Myth

Online event

Prof. William Webb will present. Back in 2011 many of the key telecoms companies told us that there would be 50 billion IoT devices by 2020. We are now in 2020 and there are about 9 billion IoT devices, only just over 20% of the forecast. This talk explains the reasons why the targets were missed, including terrible products, lack of standards, technology errors, ecosystem challenges, value-chain conflicts and overly ambitious vendors. It examines how the solutions are not to be found in Artificial Intelligence or 5G riding to the rescue, but in a value chain that delivers value to everyone and the application of some best practice for vendors and adopters. The link will follow in time.

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The near future of conversational AI

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