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What we're about

1. What's the purpose of the group?

✅ ONE:
To teach you that you can, too, achieve anything you desire if you just change your mindset!!
Those who put in the EFFORT in on a CONSISTENT basis and do NOT give up when it gets hard, are the ones who enjoy MASSIVE SUCCESS.
The difference between successful individuals and unsuccessful ones: when it gets tough with roadblocks (and it WILL), unsuccessful people say, "This is too hard," and give up. Successful people go through all these roadblocks, keep taking more hits, powering through when they just want to rest, cry, sleep, but they DON'T. GIVE. UP. This resilience will pay off-- NOT QUITTING will mean seeing the achievements of their lifetime!

✅ TWO:

Some/all of the below will be covered (reason: testing out what you (members) like or want):

➡ Personal Dev.: Steps to become the best version of yourself in your personal, work, and family life (mindset shift, affirmations, journalling, gratitude)
➡ Mental Health: How ignoring it can turn into depression, affected work life & home life, abuse, suicide. Acknowledgment of different mental states and prevention will also be discussed.
➡ Physical Health: What you put ON your body (toothpaste, detergent, makeup, lotion) is just as important as what you put IN your body (organic veggies, organic fruits). Addition: how food IS medicine (i.e. what to eat/avoid to fix your gut, clear your arteries from cholesterol, prevent alzheimer's)
➡ Environmental Health: How to contribute to cutting out plastic (which ends up in the seafood we eat) when you’re shopping, ordering takeout, or getting groceries

Learn from an Instagram Growth expert to skyrocket your Instagram Growth to 50K-100K real, targeted followers. We will be revealing 4 proven strategies that will jumpstart your growth and continue your exponential growth, outgrowing your competitors. These proven strategies will work significantly if all 4 are implemented and done on a CONSISTENT BASIS!


2. Who should join?

Only those who are fully committed to taking his/herself and his/her business to massive growth and success. The strategies will need to be done consistently, and 100% effort is necessary to start and continue seeing results.

Those who are having these challenges:

➡ I’m getting fake, untargeted followers (they don’t help my Growth and Financial Success)
➡ I don’t know how to monetize my Instagram
➡ I’m not seeing the financial returns I’ve expected
➡ Nobody really interacts with my posts


What will you do at your events?

This will be an intensive mini course on:

✅ How your mindset needs to evolve to take your business to the next level
✅ How to protect your body, mind, and/o the environment to keep yourself and your environment healthy for you/family/friends
✅ The four, very powerful strategies, when used together and consistently, will give you the exponential growth (50K-100K followers) on Instagram

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