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How Cloud Computing, Open Source, AI and ML will change the economy
How Cloud Computing, Open Source, AI and ML will change the economy By Dr. Robert B. Cohen, Senior Fellow, Economic Strategy Institute and Director of Project on the Impact of AI and ML on the U.S. Economy. This talk examines some of the main trends that have built upon the shift to cloud computing. They include the wider use of containers/Docker, Kubernetes and tools such as TensorFlow and Flink. The talk demonstrates how new ways to build on cloud technology are resulting in time and cost savings, faster processing of data and expansion of business. I will review results for some industries and link them to firm-level case studies. One point for discussion is whether Netflix’s model for disrupting the distribution of video may provide a more generalizable model for industry disruption in areas such as healthcare, autos and finance. I’ll also discuss how changes the way firms use cloud computing is changing jobs and the growth of the workforce. Working Papers from the research are posted on: A chapter in the book on Digitized Labor starting on page 159. It’s possible read the book online at The event is hosted at the Azrieli AtoBe Entrepreneurship Center:

Azrieli Academic College of Engineering - Jerusalem

26 Yaakov Shreibom St., Ramat Beit Hakerem · Jerusalem


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