Super Fast Real-time Data Processing on Cloud-Native Architecture


While Cloud-Native architecture allows for elastic scaling and much simpler operation, it usually adds opinionated abstractions which may hinder performance or lead to implementation challenges.

This presentation will go over building an extremely high-performance, real-time data processing platform on the foundations of a cloud-native architecture and its 12 factors. Yaron will explain how to overcome networking and storage challenges of existing micro-services technologies to process data at the rate of 100Gb/s per node; address data persistency and affinity challenges; implement elastic “server-less” functions; integrate with outbound networking; and use hardware acceleration. The session will also cover the tradeoffs and challenges in working with Kubernetes, Swarm, and DC/OS.

Yaron Haviv, the CTO and founder of iguazio, is a serial entrepreneur who has deep technological experience in the fields of big data, cloud, storage and networking.

Prior to iguazio, Yaron was the VP of Datacenter Solutions at Mellanox, where he led technology innovation, software development and solution integrations. Yaron was the key driver of open source initiatives and new solutions with leading database and storage vendors, enterprise organizations, cloud and Web 2.0 customers. Before Mellanox, Yaron was the CTO and VP of R&D at Voltaire, a high performance, computing, IO and networking company.

Yaron is a thought leader who often speaks at big data and cloud technology events. He tweets as @yaronhaviv and his popular technology blog is available at .