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Ray Summit - open source framework for scaling distributed applications

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Ray, the open source framework for scaling distributed applications, is growing fast. Ray Summit Virtual is a Free conference that showcases how organizations are scaling machine learning, Python, and other distributed applications.

· Learn from top minds in ML & AI: Oriol Vinyals (Google DeepMind), Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley), Manuela Veloso (JP Morgan), Zoubin Ghahramani (Uber), David Patterson (Turing Award Winner)

· See how companies are using Ray for ML infrastructure, MLOps, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and other industrial applications

· Learn all about the ML libraries that are built or rely on Ray (RLlib, Tune, Serve, RaySGD, spaCy, Hugging Face, Seldon, Spark NLP)

· Find out how Ray does serverless right - highly scalable, highly available, distributed ML and streaming all in the cloud

Don't miss out - see for yourself why Ray is poised to be the dominant framework in distributed computing.

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