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Digital Transformation of Digital Enterprise risks, best practices and use cases

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Companies have always relied on technology to improve productivity and innovate on business outcomes. These days, we see continuous massive growth of technologies such as mobile, social media and big data, creating both exciting opportunities and disruptive threats for most enterprises.

Come and learn from the experts at the first meetup in a series about what it means to be a Digital enterprise.
In our first meetup we will discuss digital transformation - risks, best practices, and use cases.


17:30- 18:00
Digital Transformation - Overview
Daniel Yellin, PhD,VP Mobile, IBM Cloud, Distinguished Engineer, Director, Israel Software Lab
Companies all over the world are intent on adapting to the new digital world, attracting business through digital channels, providing new online products and services, and creating or participating in new Internet-wide ecosystems. This requires both cultural change within the organization, as well as creating a digital enterprise platform to interact with customers, partners, and employees. We briefly describe the driving forces for digital transformation, and the technologies that form the basis of emerging digital platforms.

18:00- 18:30
Do the Right things, Do the things Right, Do it Right the first time
Tal Shahar, Banking and Financial Services Sector Manager, Global Business Services
Digital is the new holy grail.
The battleground between companies has moved from the physical world to the Digital one and Transformation is the Enabler for winning the Digital Era. But organizations have major challenges adapting and transforming.
Any big transformation encapsulates big risks. These risks, unless well managed, might even threaten the survivability of the business. Our challenge is to plan the right transformation to win in the Digital Era.
In this talk we will discuss these challenges and the path to successful transformation.

18:30- 19:00
Digital and Modern, Safe and Secure
Amos Marom, VP i2 & Trusteer
A look from inside on digital transformation at retail banks
Mobile first, PSD2
Effect on CSAT, TTM, Security, ECO system
Effect on customers and employeer

19:00- 19:30
Enabling Digital Transformation through Conversational Interactions
Segev Wasserkrug, Ph.D., Watson Assistant Solutions Lead Architect, Senior Technical Staff Member, Cognitive IoT & BAO Leader, IBM Research Lab
Conversational systems are not only a much more convenient way for us to interact with computer systems, but can significantly transform the effectiveness and efficiency with which we interact with such systems. They allow us to quickly, easily and naturally navigate through complex processes, sift through huge amounts of data to obtain insights meaningful to us, and easily perform everyday tasks. However, to truly come into their own, these systems should be personalized to us, proactive, and be able to incorporate complex reasoning tasks.
In this talk, through real world stories and examples, I will present how IBM's set of products, services, and research capabilities are set to enable such conversationally driven transformation. I will provide details on the advanced proactive, personalization, and reasoning features - transforming both personal and business interactions.

The event is free but requires registration,

The lectures will be in Hebrew and English.

Paid parking in nearby parking lots.