IoT for Manufacturers: Where to start?

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This month’s discussion topic [UPDATED Feb 16/19]:
Learn about MTechHub's IoT Lighthouse project, IIoT Air Compressor, currently under development.

PRESENTER: Brian Chapple, Project Manager and Lead Product Developer, MTechHub

=> IoT product developers (business and technical). Peers, potential/existing partners of MTechHub.
=> Leaders in Manufacturing (end customers) who would implement an MTecHhub IIoT solution

=> Power of connected systems and technology stacks for Manufacturers
=> The IIoT technology stack and the challenges and lessons learned in developing IIoT solution, a "connected air compressor" specifically for manufacturers. Taking two steps back to get one step ahead. Where they started, what they've doned, what they've learned and where they're heading right now.
=> Lot's of Q&A encouraged!

MTechHub is a member of Milton Chamber of Commerce AMS Halton Working group. MTechHub is a community of manufacturing and technology professionals and companies who collaborate, conceive, engineer and implement next generation solutions for small to midsize manufacturers. This community works together to accelerate the GROUP adoption of emerging technologies AND standardization to help these manufacturers digitally transform and compete globally.