IoT in Agriculture

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One of the industries where IoT has the potential to have the greatest impact is Agriculture, which generates over $100 billion in Canadian GDP and accounts for nearly 7% of total GDP. Walid Moukhaiber, Ontario Regional Manager for Hanatech IoT will overview their Smart Farming Solution for identifying Fire Blight Risk in Apple and Pear trees.

Fire Blight is a bacterial disease of apple, pear, crabapple and ornamentals of the Rosaeceae family and can result in the loss of branches and tree structure. Hanatech's infield sensors collect agriculture data points to give farmers immediate warnings of fire blight risk so they can prevent the spread of the disease by pruning infected branches.

About the Presenter:
Hanatech is a Managed IT services provider based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and comprised of a team of 20 engineers, software developers and project managers. They bring smart IT to life – merging technology and humanity. Hanatech’s Smart Farming solution is their newest addition to their IoT cloud platform, which helps companies to become more efficient by integrating technology into their operational processes. spread of the disease by pruning infected branches.