Security in IoT


IoT cyber attacks happen, and is increasing with the birth of new devices and accessibility of legacy devices. Many companies use a large number of different devices running different software, using different chips, and may use different connectivity methods. Some devices were designed before IoT existed and never were hardened to mitigate vulnerabilities. Many devices are inexpensive or not designed with IoT Security in mind.

In this session, we will evaluate IoT security, learn the likely threats, understand risks, evaluate strategies and the consequences of threats to IoT infrastructure. IoT security design is complex and we will discuss the different broad range of approaches and considerations.

Participants will also be given an IoT security whitepaper to evaluate your own IoT Security.

About the presenter:
Darn IT was launched in 2012 for an answer against SMB IT, over the years we noticed that there was a bigger requirement by the SMB community to have better protection for organizations against the ongoing onslaught of cyber attacks. Darn IT Group was firmed in 2018 with a national reach assisting business from Ontario to British Columbia. We specialize in managed security solutions, security operations centre, Advisory, workshop, and IT services for the SMB market. Our solutions are tailored for SMBs which we offer enterprise-grade solutions/products to our clients. Personally, I come from a dynamic background of working experience in: banking, educational, national security, and retail. I bring the experience to our practice and understands the challenges that businesses undergo while trying to operate and being cyber aware.

Free co-working
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