• Turn Your IoT Product Idea Into Reality

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    7-Part Series.

    One of the outcomes of 2020 is that it acted as a catalyst for digital transformation. A January 16, 2021 Economist article titled, “Why a Dawn of Technological Optimism is Breaking”, writes there are positive signs of a new era of meaningful, technological progress. The investment in technology and research and development in the fourth quarter was higher than it has been in 10 years. “Investors’ enthusiasm for technology now extends to medical diagnostics, logistics, biotechnology and semiconductors. Such is the market’s optimism for electric vehicles that Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, who also runs a rocket firm, is the world’s richest man.”

    It feels more like spinning that pivoting these days. Intellectual curiosity and a perpetual learning-orientation are necessary to thrive in a world that’s always changing. If certainty can be found, it’s that we’ll need to work together to create new sources of value. The 1920’s were a time of unprecedented change, which ignited a decade of exploration and growth. Powerful tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing means our ability to solve real problems, is only defined by the limits of our imagination.

    Sound business fundamentals are critical for ensuring the success of new companies and products. It takes a strong understanding of the technologies involved in bringing a viable product to market. Initiating a new IoT device is a complex process that requires expertise in a variety of digital competencies including design, embedded software, cloud infrastructure and user interfaces.

    This Silicon Halton IoT P2P course simplifies the IoT value creation process and demonstrates how to bring your new idea to market.

    See here for the Course breakdown: https://siliconhalton.com/event/iotworkshopseries/

    Presenter - Chris Kennedy
    Chris is a marketing and advertising professional with over 8 years of experience in the Technology industry. Three years ago he made the transition from working with enterprise-sized clients like IBM and Telus to Prolucid Technologies. Their custom software simplifies the process of getting to market and scaling, while ensuring the business meets the necessary regulatory guidelines.

    Sponsored By - Prolucid
    Since 2008, Prolucid has successfully delivered hundreds of software engineering projects for our clients using a proven combination of process, technology, and expertise. Our project execution and company success is driven by a world-class team with extensive hands-on experience, and a relentless curiosity and drive to use technology to help solve real-world problems.

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    The IoT Project Kit is included in the price. It will be shipped to your preferred address after the first session.

  • IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

    Online event

    IoT, AI and ML are combining forces and shaping the future if human-machine interactions. The combination allows routine tasks to be automated, work to be simplified, and information to be highly accurate. We’ll have an open discussion on where we think this combined force is headed in 2021.

    Building An IoT Solution Workshop Series – Plan, Prototype, Commercialize.
    We’ll be discussing our new workshop series that will teach participants how to build an IoT solution through the phases of lifecycle development – planning, prototyping, and commercializing. The 6 part series will start in February 2021.

  • Innovation vs Implementation: Rapid Prototyping with Software Tools

    Time and money are both critically limited when getting a new connected product to market. In the past, software was often developed from scratch, increasing demands on both limited resources. Modern software development projects can make use of many publicly available tools and resources that speed up initial development and can help with product maintenance as open-source tools strengthen over time. To properly take advantage of these tools and resources, design considerations must be made to properly integrate them into your product as well as manage intellectual property and licensing.

    In this presentation, we will cover some of the available tools that we have found most useful, as well as some to avoid, along with some real-life use cases that have benefited from them.

    About the Presenter:

    Chris Kennedy is a marketing and advertising professional with over 8 years of experience in the Technology industry. Three years ago he made the transition from working with enterprise-sized clients like IBM and Telus to Prolucid Technologies. Their custom software simplifies the process of getting to market and scaling, while ensuring the business meets the necessary regulatory guidelines.

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  • Advanced Manufacturing for Pandemic Relief

    Online event

    The COVID-19 health crisis has forced the hand of many organizations and made them pivot away from their focused line of business. To support the wellbeing of our nation some of these organizations are developing health care related technology at a record-breaking pace at a very critical time.

    Richard Bolton, the chair of AMS Halton, will update us on the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and how NGen Canada has changed direction by funding manufacturing projects for urgent healthcare solutions in Canada including funding ventilator manufacturing, 3-D printing of medical PPE, new sterilization coatings, rapid testing kits and many other projects. He will also discuss how building focused technology clusters will change the direction of the Canadian economy.

    ATA Inc. is a shining example and positive proof that technology companies can pivot fast to adapt to this ever-changing economic environment by switch gears to manufacture and meet current needs during our healthcare crisis. We will explore how Anthony Khoraych and ATA are working with Starfish Medical to produce modules for the Winnipeg Ventilator as part of an NGen Canada funded project which will deliver 7500 plus ventilators to help meet urgent Canadian healthcare requirements.

    About the Presenters:
    An entrepreneur, Richard Bolton is the owner and senior consultant at Centricity360. The Past President of the Milton Chamber of Commerce (MCC). Richard sits on the Government Relations Committee for the MCC with the platform of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and Canada’s Innovation Corridor. Co-creator of AMS Halton and TechConnect Halton. Creator and developer of the Halton COVID-19 Response – Micro PPE Procurement Portal.

    Anthony Khoraych is Founder and CEO of ATA Inc. A serial entrepreneur, Anthony started his first business in high school, ultimately opening ATA in 2005. As founder and CEO, he has helped ATA navigate and grow in one of the world's toughest industries and technological segments.

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  • LPWAN Solutions: From COVID-19 Response to Smart Agriculture

    Online event

    There is no debate that over the past 7 months Covid-19 has disrupted our world. Terms like “flatten the curve”, “social distancing” and “contact tracing” have quickly become part of our society’s everyday vocabulary. However, with change comes opportunity. This Silicon Halton P2P will discuss some of the ways that LPWAN technologies are being deployed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic for various use cases including Continuous Respiratory Health Monitoring, Mass Deployment of Real Time Body Temperature Monitoring, Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing. Not only will we discuss how LPWAN is tackling these problems, but we will dive into some real solutions that are being designed and deployed right here in Canada.

    In addition to Covid response solutions, we will also look at LPWAN solutions for Smart Buildings, Smart Agriculture and Global Asset Tracking that are being designed right here in our backyard.

    About the Presenter:
    Jeffrey Perry is TEKTELIC’s Director of Sales and Business Development, focusing his effort in the Eastern Canada, Eastern USA and South American markets. His primary goal is to connect partners with world-class IoT-enabled smart solutions. By taking a wholistic view to problem solving and leaning on his deep experience in simplifying complex challenges, Jeffrey works with partners to build IoT infrastructure solutions today – ready for tomorrow. Jeffrey is based in the GTA.

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  • How the Global Pandemic will Compel Canadian Smart City Adoption

    Canada is primed to take a forward-leading position on smart city technology adoption. There have been barriers to wide-spread connected city implementations including high capital costs to retrofit existing infrastructure and privacy concerns. Covid-19 has given us given us an opportunity to see the benefits and drawbacks of technologically-enabled communities. Whether it be providing widely available high-speed internet to all residents or monitoring infection hot spots, we’ve seen the future and it is now. Are we prepared to prioritize public health and safety over the rights to personal privacy? This Silicon Halton IoT P2P presents an opportunity to envision a future that may be here sooner than even we expected.

    About the Presenter:
    Dr. Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech is an Associate Professor of Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Windsor in Canada. Professor Schuelke-Leech earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, an MBA from York University, and a PhD in Public Policy (specialized in Finance) at the University of Georgia. Before undertaking her doctoral studies, Beth-Anne worked for 12 years as a professional engineer (P.Eng.). Dr. Schuelke-Leech’s research sits at the nexus of technological innovation, engineering, business, and public policy. Her work focuses on the innovation process and sustainability within engineering systems. She is the Chair of the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technologies Standards Committee (IEEE SSIT SC). She is also a technical expert for the Standards Council of Canada to the International Standards Organization (ISO) JTC1/SC42 on Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Defending Your Value (Proposition)

    Online event

    Economic downturns typically result in downward price pressure. The reason buyers ask for discounts is because it’s highly effective. 70% of salespeople will offer a minimum of a 10% discount on the first ask. It takes one innocent question, “We’re so close to a deal, is there anything better that you can do?”

    We need to educate prospects and buyers on the real value we deliver. If we don’t, they immediately gravitate to price, an easy equalizer. The good news is that there are tangible strategies that can give us the edge to have it all. A business we enjoy, working with people we like while delivering meaningful outcomes in the communities we serve.

    In this session, you’ll learn:

    Identifying your ideal customer
    Difference between market positioning and a value proposition
    Developing an defendable value proposition
    Lead nurturing strategies to build pipeline
    Easy tactics you can implement immediately

    About the Presenter:
    Jean Nickerson, CSP is the founder of Purposeful Selling and organizer of Silicon Halton’s IoT P2P. She is committed to empowering family-run businesses to create great brand stories that unlocks the true value of their business models.

    This is a virtual session.
    Registrants will see the link to participate in the presentation and discussion soon.

  • Funding Simplified - ONLINE

    Online event

    These are challenging times for entrepreneurs who have great ideas and evolving business models. Many technology-based start-up businesses require funding to get to market and scale. The funding landscape for technology start-ups is complicated, but with a strong roadmap the process can be simplified and your valuation can be maximized, while avoiding common mistakes and challenges.

    We look at how to ask the right questions, create a project estimate and backlog, and finally how to prioritize and generate a product roadmap.

    About the Presenter:
    For the past 12 years, Prolucid Technologies has worked at the cutting edge of technology implementation, worked with start-ups on product development and serviced multinational corporations with enterprise-grade deployments globally. Prolucid provides solutions to a diverse range of industries including nuclear energy generation, FDA approved medical devices, Advanced manufacturing, and smart buildings. Their custom software simplifies the process of getting to market and scaling while ensuring that the business meets the required regulatory guidelines.

    This is a virtual session.
    Registrants will receive a link to participate in the presentation and discussion prior to the event.

  • Sigfox Low-Power, Wide-Area Network Application - ONLINE

    Online event

    The promise of Industry 4.0 is upon us and 5G seems to open new interesting opportunities. But many IoT applications don’t need require some of the high-end features inherent in next generation wireless connectivity. Low-Power, Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are optimized to reduce power consumption in such a way that devices can operate on a single battery for years. Use cases that require low data feeds, sensors that comunícate state-of-change in remote location monitoring or emerging smart-city installations can benefit immensely from these alternative networks. Sigfox’s proprietary and unlicensed technology is one of the most widely deployed LPWANs today. They offer affordable and superior performance connectivity that supports use cases requiring low power devices distributed over large geographic areas.

    About the Presenter:
    Manuel Vera is the SVP of Network Operations for Sigfox Canada. He will review their technology and showcase solutions currently using Sigfox LPWAN. Sigfox has IoT deployments in over 70 countries and is the largest IoT connectivity provider in the world. Sigfox Canada launched a Coast-to-Coast network in 2019. They currently have coverage in the largest metropolitan areas of the 10 provinces and are continuously expanding their coverage. With over 700 solutions developed and tested, Sigfox has an extensive repository of IOT use cases to share.

    Due to the current situation, this event will be ONLINE. The afternoon prior we will email registered attendees the ZOOM URL.

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  • Exploring IoT Platforms and Gateways

    MEV Innovation Center

    A cutting edge IoT Platform and multi-service IoT gateways can deliver numerous IoT use cases for deriving productivity gains, reducing costs, enabling higher up-times, optimizing energy consumption, facilitating proactive and predictive maintenance and enabling smarter cities. An end-to-end solution enables intelligence at the edge as well on the cloud. A ubiquitous platform delivers complex, and high-value solutions for buildings, industrial, smart city and transportation verticals.

    This session will focus on presenting capabilities of the Platform and edge gateway as well as a set of use cases that can be delivered leveraging these components. A number of different live use cases will be demonstrated during this session, e.g., smarter energy monitoring, monitoring various stationery, mobile assets, and mining assets,.

    About the Presenter:
    BlueSurge’s cloud platform, SurgeCloud™, is a hosted solution delivering digital services for improving business processes many industry verticals. The platform is cable of ingesting machine data as well as other structured and unstructured data to carry out advanced analytics and produce actionable business intelligence. BlueSurge Technologies’ IoT gateway, SurgeGateway – SG1000, is a multiservice gateway that supports many different protocols to integrate a wide variety of assets in buildings, industrial and automotive domains. The gateway comes with advanced edge analytics capabilities.

    Free co-working
    Included for the day is free access for Silicon Halton members to work from MEV Innovation Centre. Come for an hour, the morning or afternoon, just for this Peer2Peer meeting, or all day. Come in, find a desk, get to work. Free wifi, plenty of power outlets and seating locations to choose from.