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Curious about challenges and technologies that power IKEA? We are inviting everyone who has a shared passion for modern software technologies on cloud, working iteratively and adopting a DevOps mindset to learn and share expertise with a community.

We are fascinated by the idea of applying technology to create a better everyday life for the many people. Join us for our monthly IKEA Tech Meetup to learn more about the behind the scenes of digital IKEA and the technologies that power IKEA to reach our 3+ billion annual visitors. Be part of learning from others and share your expertise with a community.

The event is completely free for all participants and during the events we will offer a light meal and a chance to network with like minded individuals. The event will take place at Studio in Malmö.

IKEA Tech Meetup in short:

• Listen to speakers from both IKEA and people from the tech scene

• Learn about what technologies IKEA is adopting, exploring or ignoring

• Engage in deep technical discussions around technologies

• Become part of a software community

• Stay up to date with the latest trends

Upcoming events (1)

IKEA Tech Meetup #1 - Malmö - Studio


We are fascinated by the idea of applying technology to create a better everyday life for the many people. Join us for our monthly IKEA Tech Meetup to learn more about the technologies that power IKEA behind the scenes to reach our 3+ billion annual visitors. You can expect a fun event full of learning, deep discussions and a lot of mingling, where we will share and learn from each other. And yes, there will be finger food and drinks – how else to mingle without it. We will open the doors at 17.00. Grab a snack, a seat and someone to mingle with. At 17.30, we will start with a warm welcome. Our first speaker will be Product Engineering Manager for Sales and Payments Claes Adamsson. Claes has a broad background in Software Development, Architecture and System Engineering and is passionate about DevOps adoption and is an Open Source advocate. Claes will share how IKEA has decided to change everything (almost) by putting digital at the core of the business. He will touch upon our unique business and tech challenges while building a whole new IKEA and redefining our business model. Our second speaker will be Technology Architect Martin Gudmundsson. Martin has extended background in technology and architecture and has spent the last years leading the technology modernisation of IKEA core backend systems and setting the technology standards for our journey towards a digital IKEA. Martin is always curious about new technologies and trends. He stays up to date on the latest technologies by making every day learning a natural thing. Martin will show, how we use a Technology Radar to visualise the adoption of new technologies and drive strategy, innovation, collaboration, and needed changes with a good balance between governance and freedom. And, by the way, the Tech Radar will guide the agenda for our coming meetup events. The interactive sessions with Q&A will be ca. 40 minutes. After each session, you have time to discuss, share ideas, mingle and refresh. Latest at 21.00, the doors will close - leaving you hopefully with great learning, new friends and curiosity to explore even more of IKEA technologies and challenges together. When this sounds interesting for you, be quick: RSVP your seat. The event is free of charge and tickets fly off fast. If you cannot make it, be fair. Please release your booking so someone else can join instead. Warm welcome!

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