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I organized a BTS club in Pittsburgh that was meeting semi-regularly...and then I moved. Hoping to find other ARMY to fangirl/boy/person with. Let's do meals, movies, drinks, share concert info, and whatever else strikes our fancy. 💜

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Run Remake #1: KBBQ & Karaoke

Needs a location

Don't act like you don't know which episode I'm talking about (as though the picture doesn't jog your memory!) Still searching for a place with help of a group member so location coming soon! Let's eat a lot of meat, drink a lot of soju (responsibly!), and sing a lot of songs!

Just Dance (ing)

U Street Music Hall

So I read an article about Bae Bae k-pop dance party and i've been excited to attend ever since. You'll have to buy a ticket, but as far as I know you can buy them in advance online or at the door. I messaged the DJ to find out when the next one would be, so time & place are tentative. I'm thinking it would be nice to grab dinner nearby-open to suggestions but I'm personally a huge fan of Haikan ramen. As always, lmk if you have questions! Full disclosure: I don't actually know the choreos, but will hype you up if you do! I'll just be happy to do the Namjoon octopus-arm dance :P

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Coffee & chill

A Baked Joint

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