What we're about

Experienced direct response marketers grabbing drinks and talking biz.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM WITH OTHER "MARKETING" GROUPS — There are a ton of groups on here for marketing, but the problem with these is they lack focus.

They include newbies with only a causal interest in internet marketing, brand advertisers who refuse to believe you can convert cold traffic on the first day, the "startup" crowd who think only way to grow a biz is with Venture Capital, and a bunch of service providers circling the crowd like vultures looking for their next client.

There is nothing wrong with this… But a group of us in the Denver / Boulder area, wanted to create a high value group where we could connect with others doing the same thing -- direct response internet marketing.

Not one where we have to explain what a “upsell“ is.

WHO ARE WE: We're savvy marketers creating offers that bring in predictable and scalable revenue.

Most of us are serial entrepreneurs with our own companies, but some are also service providers, like one member who is a media buyer overseeing $8 million per month in profitable ad spend or 8-figure copywriters.

Think Denver's version of Internet Marketing Party. So if you're an IMer, making money online (it doesn’t matter how), come join us.

THE FORMAT — Open networking over drinks in the Denver / Boulder area.


>> This is Denver's (and Colorado's) ONLY open, free group dedicated to Direct Response Marketers

>> Need connections, come get plugged in and meet a ton of savvy marketers

>> Did we mention happy hour? Have a drink, unwind, relax and talk shop Networking with people who do this everyday — all day — as their only source of income

>> Side hustlers welcomed — while this group is meant for people who have made their first sale online, that doesn’t mean you need to be some expert or even full time

>> Need help in your biz? Come get help! We’ve all been stuck.


>> CPA affiliate networks

>> Different cold traffic sources

>> High ticket sales

>> Webinars / Video sales letters

>> Dropshipping

>> eCom

>> Copywriting

>> All things funnels — Front end offers, upsells and backends

>> How to maximize AOV / LTV

>> Split testing

>> Hiring top talent & outsourcing

>> Analytics, tracking and statistics

>> Mindset, productivity, focus, etc. (Entrepreneurship is a mental game)


Whether you’re stuck in your biz, just want to network, need to bounce ideas off someone else, want an accountability partner, are looking for your next hire or just need to get out from behind the computer — come join us!

A NOTE TO NEWBIES: Unfortunately this group isn't designed for newbies to come and ask 50 million questions that could be answered with a Google search. So generally, I won't be approving anyone who hasn't made their first sale online.

But We were all new once. :)

So exceptions will be made. Just let us know why you you want to join.

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2197905603786178/

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January 24th CO IM Happy Hour

Oasis Brewing Company

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