What we're about

Assalaamu-alaikum All, How are you? I pray you are well insha'Allah.

This group is for ALL MUSLIMS that are practising alternative and complimentary therapies or curiously thinking about them.

Initiative of Muslim Practitioners of Alternative And Complimentary Therapies has been set up to bring together Muslims in London and even the UK who are practitioners in Coaching, Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Reiki, EFT, and many other alternative and complimentary therapies; which are for the better of improving ones' wellbeing, mental and hence physical health in any form.

It is to bring together ideas fresh and new, old and wise and share the vision that we have to empower, motivate and better our own muslim community. So, if you are a practitioner in any of these or similar areas then please join this group. This group will provide networking and also a social circle gathering; whilst at the same time increaisng our own learning by sharing what we know and hence resulting in developing new ideas.

If you share this vision then you NEED to join this group, right? That's right! So you can join either NOW or you can join before your unconscious mind diverts from here, can you not? This group will meet monthly in a London location. It is a chance for all to come together and bring what we know and apply to our Muslim community with a muslim-faith perspective. We will have workshops, presentations and practice groups, including networking events with a social aspect.

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NLP Practitioner course

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How to change your life in EIGHT days!

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Monthly meetup, discussions and learnings

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