What we're about

IN TOUCH MEN NJ is located in beautiful Montclair, New Jersey.

Our intention is to hold a space for men, gay, bi, straight, & identifying as, to gather, grow, engage and learn. We are about helping men gain a deeper understanding of both their physical and energetic bodies through the use of Conscious Non-Sexual Touch, Functional Kundalini Meditation, Art and Education.

IN TOUCH MEN workshops are your introduction to dynamic, real-time, man to man connections, designed to encourage balance and well-being. Our goal is to hold a space that encourages a positive, physical yet (non-sexual) connection between men.

​All workshops are shorts on and all comfort levels are respected. However if we are working an area of the body that needs to be exposed it will be. With that said, our workshops supports and encourage you to get comfortable being touched and touching others.

​Our Conscious Touch workshops employ our signature touch techniques which participants learn and practice with and on one another. Meditation workshops harness and balance your Kundalini energy.

All workshops are lead by IN TOUCH MEN's founder Brian, or carefully selected licensed/certified, seasoned professionals.

No prior touch or meditation experience is necessary for you to join us. Each workshop has depth, relaxation and balance, all in one place. You will touch and be touched, clear your mind and leave floating free from stress. All workshops follow a thematic format that changes depending on our area of focus. In all touch workshops you will work with multiple partners.

​​IN TOUCH MEN's touch workshops introduce and foster a recreational, intuitive, non-sexual hands-on connection between men and will not provide therapeutic or erotic massage or bodywork, its instruction, any diagnosis or medical advice. Consult a licensed massage therapist, massage school, Tantric practitioner, doctor or other healthcare provider for these purposes.​

​​IN TOUCH MEN members range in age from 18 - 65. We are open to all non-creepy, health conscious men interested in caring for their bodies and supporting others on their path toward wellness.



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