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The Will of Happiness!
Join us for our most important Meetup ever: The Will of Happiness! Discuss with us the importance of having the will to (or not to) do something, and how this affects Happiness. (Not to mention keeping those New Year's Resolutions.) We'll talk about what "Free Will" really means, the role of self-responsibility, and how you can develop an IRON WILL to conquer anything in Life. As usual, we'll be talking about things you won't hear anywhere else, especially on this particular topic. "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." - FERDINAND FOCH "People are failures, not because they are stupid, but because they are not sufficiently impassioned." - BURT STRUTHERS "Happiness," for the purposes of this discussion, does not refer to the temporary high of cheap thrills, "fun," laughter, winning a game, etc.; but rather, to the causes and consequences of mental health, emotional well-being, authentic self-esteem, internal psychological harmony, etc. (each the result of long-term healthy thoughts, feelings, and actions). Happiness then, refers to that, as a consequence, we have purposefully done with our lives, i.e., it is a SPIRITUAL ACHIEVEMENT!; and thus, does not (in any way, shape, or form) refer to the mere intrinsic power/potential within us to attain it. "Will" in this context refers to human actions, and (in this case) specific responsible things people DO beyond meditation or mere belief in the power within to attain to Happiness, and what people can become (in terms of self-actualization because of it); and thus, it does not (in any way, shape, or form) refer to the mere intrinsic power/potential within people to attain Happiness. Also, this event is at a casual restaurant, and no purchase is necessary. However, some people will order food and the actual Meetup discussion may not begin until as late as (and absolutely no later than) 5:30pm. Once our Meetup officially begins, the typical Meetup runs about 2 hours, but may run slightly longer if the participants/topic demand it.


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The Phoenix INFP Meetup Group is open to anyone interested in Happiness and spiritual well-being. Though this group will often focus on issues related to Myers-Briggs' personality profiles in the context of Happiness. Take a simple personality test at:

INFPs, or idealistic philosophers, are naturally quiet, creative, sensitive, and perceptive souls who often strike others as shy, reserved, and cool. They have a rare capacity for deep caring and commitment, both to the people and causes they idealize; and they experience this intense caring most often in their relationships with others, but they may also experience it around ideas, projects, or any involvement they view as important. INFPs need to have a crusade or mission in life.

They guide their behavior by a strong inner sense of values, rather than by conventional logic and tradition. Forced to cope with the facts-and-figures of the so-called "real" world they inhabit, INFPs may feel as if they're imported from another galaxy!

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