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"INSTANT THEATRE – “A truly shared experience; An edge-of-your-seat fun ride. Recommended.” Dale Phoenix – Broadway Baby - Brighton Festival 2013

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“INSTANT THEATRE combines my favorite aspects of Improv and Theatre; The “Rush” of Improv and the “Emotional Depth”of Theatre.” Emily Newhouse (Being There 2 Dec 6th 2010 NYC)

INSTANT THEATRE is a new & fabulous concept of ‘Theatre’ and ‘Performance’ devised and directed by British Director, Writer and Teacher Diana Laurie (Founder of BEING THERE PRODUCTONS-London/NY.

Relevant to Stage AND Film for Actors wishing to become more present and real in their work.

Through a series of Workshops actors become acquainted with Diana’s method of working... (initially devised to develop ‘Sight-Reading’ skills for actors and thus improve their chances at audition).

Cards containing printed lines of random text (these lines being taken from Plays, Books, Films, Songs, Advertising, Conversation and Imagination) are placed in piles around the space – Actors will not have seen these lines before and come together not knowing who they are or what the ‘Story’ will be.

The story is begun by one actor picking up any card and 'seeing, thinking & feeling' the line before speaking it and therefore placing it (as dialogue) into the scene – This is followed by another actor picking a card and responding with this new random line of text to what has just been spoken, thus making a ‘relationship’ – the actor's work is to make the scene ‘read’ emotionally and literally as if it were a scripted piece.

Whilst INSTANT THEATRE has some roots in improvisation it is a tougher, Yet, (We think!) more exciting discipline!! ; The actor can only use the text that is on the card! Just a few little changes and ‘bending’ of the text allowed! (We have 5 'Cheats' available - used as tools to shape the scene!)

The Audience (In the Workshop space this is ALL OF US!) know that the actors do not know what they may be about to say – so there is great investment and concentration from them too – they are almost willing the scene to work and for a story to emerge.

INSTANT THEATRE is here from New York!!! Would you like to be part of it ???!

If you know any Quick-Witted, Connected, Funny and Profound creatives a bit like You... (You actually don't have to be an actor...just someone who likes 'Being There'...in the moment..thinking and feeling...and connecting to others..) bring them along too!

Join us for some crazy, funny, at times deeply moving, irreverent Fun......

Current Prices as of October 2016

London Workshops (Whole Day) £40

London and Brighton Classes

Trained Actors (Three Hours) London £20.00/Brighton £12.00

Mixed Levels (Two Hours) London £16.00 / Brighton £8.00

Workshop and Class dates regularly posted!

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