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Become part of The I|O Powwow.

Hosted at Honey Badger
91 Loop Street, Cape Town

Keep aside the last Friday afternoon of every month, from 3pm - 5pm for a short power talk from great speakers, followed by some good music and drinks with like-minded people from your industry.

We will start off the talks (Powwows) with topics related to Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development and DevOps but would likely grow into related topics such as Startups and more. All talks will be published online. Our list of speakers will include the likes of Johann du Toit, Chris Pitt, and many more.

Please join us for an afternoon of fun with design and tech.

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Who should join:

• People with a thirst for knowledge

• If you want to learn new skills (for free)

• If you fancy a powwow with your fellow devs and designers

• To visually experience interesting things

• If you want to see art, design & development become closer

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