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Update 16 Dec 2017

Re: Future meetups...I'm lining up some live video interviews with IOTA foundation members around the world, and working on getting Dominik (IOTA co-founder) to present at a London meet up when his schedule allows it.

For up to date news on IOTA see my twitter page. https://twitter.com/Cryptoangel212

Welcome visionaries...

In this group, we invite individuals with an interest in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology to investigate and collaborate on projects using the IOTA Tangle platform (think blockchain 3.0 minus block and chain).

All are welcome to this group, we are about collaboration and exploration.

If you'd like more information about the IOTA Tangle platform please see the links below, (there are some clear video explanations).

Why we think the IOTA Tangle has the potential to be bigger than Blockchain

• No transaction fees - enabling microtransactions

• Decentralized - no miners

• More network use = a faster network

• Infinitely Scalable

• An ecosystem for the Machine Economy

• IOTA protocol ensures data integrity in information sharing

• Tangle technology uses ternary code, a natural progression from binary code.

• Quantum secure - resistant to quantum computer cryptanalysis.

More info:

• IOTA to be adopted by National Banks (https://coin.fyi/news/iota/iota-in-talks-with-national-banks-74tofo)

• IOTA Challenging the Status Quo (https://youtu.be/LyC04NrJ3yA)

• IOTA BREAKDOWN: The Tangle Vs. Blockchain Explained (https://youtu.be/I_jNH9BlEEo)

• IOTA Co-Founder Dominik Schiener on IOTA & The Tangle | Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology (https://youtu.be/qsvCArWs_MI)

• IOTA Co-Founder David Sønstebø, IOTA Interview (https://youtu.be/T2FJ9hH66b8)

• Me! reading out a David Sonstebo interview (https://youtu.be/4D48brXuH9Q)

• IOTA tutorial 1: What is IOTA and some terminology explained (https://youtu.be/MsaPA3U4ung)

• IOTA tutorial 2: Trit and Tryte (https://youtu.be/2pBZJvVn4NY)

• IOTA tutorial 3: IOTA Seed (https://youtu.be/UClPU2e2MJI)

• IOTA Data Market Place Webinar (https://youtu.be/fqdZSafCRhM)

Official IOTA sites:

• IOTA Website (http://www.iota.org/)

• IOTA Index (http://www.iotaindex.com/)

• IOTA Blog (https://blog.iota.org/)

• IOTA Support (https://iotasupport.com/)

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