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IRMAC - The Information Resource Management Association of Canada (IRMAC) is a non-profit, vendor independent association of information management and business professionals. As an integral Canadian chapter of DAMA International (www.dama.org), IRMAC is in a unique position to leverage and mobilize inputs and resources of the Toronto information management professional community. Our primary objective is to provide a platform for members to exchange information, experiences and promote the understanding, development and practice of managing information and data as a key enterprise asset.


- To empower members with current news and information in the field of information management.
- To connect with accomplished professionals for mutual success and experience sharing. 
- To promote information management education.
- To cultivate professional attitude among members in pursuit of their information careers.


Founded in 1971, the Database Association (Ontario) Inc., began as a local database user discussion group. By 1998, we changed our name to Information Resource Management Association of Canada to reflect our primary interest in information management. With the emerging growth of the data warehousing industry, a Data Warehouse Special Interest Group was also formed in 1995. In the following year, IRMAC became affiliated with DAMA international. Today our membership consists of over 100 data practitioners working in information management or associated areas. We have over 20 corporate member firms representing from different industries.


IRMAC delivers exciting schedules of seminars, workshops, and networking mixers from September to June featuring on variety of information management topics relevant to today’s revolutionary data industry. Our seminars are held on the third Wednesday of each month at an easily accessible location within City of Toronto. Seminars start at 5pm with reservation and finish around 6pm. Topics covered during recent seminars include:

- Artificial Intelligence

- Privacy

- Data Governance

- Metadata and repositories

- Semantic web technologies

- Data modelling and UML

- Growth of data journalism

International experts such as John Zachman, Bill Inmon, Tom Redman and Steve Hoberman are invited on occasion for special talks. Our networking mixers and open-house events are usually around the corner of spring time. This is an opportunity for existing members and newcomers to mingle and network casually after work (currently virtual!). As a wrap-up of the year, we offer the annual IRMAC luncheon which is included in the yearly membership fee. This event is held in June of each year with a guest speaker and door prizes.


DAMA is the Data Management Association. Currently there are over 80 Member-chapters in the U.S. and worldwide. Over the years, DAMA has been offering us number of membership benefits such as conference discounts, vendor discounts, access to publications, participation in standards committees / ICCP certification, DAMA-CDMP certification, and networking opportunities with other Data Management professionals. IRMAC is the DAMA International Toronto Chapter.

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Data Literacy and the Perceived Failure of Data Management

1. Return to the basics and forward to the future – Human and Data: Should we re-think what ‘Data’ really is? – triggered by • Recent development in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence • Persistent and stubborn issues remain in the Data Management as we know it 2. Human and Data – the intimate and inseparable relationship Is it science? 3. Reflection on Data and Reality – three kinds Data in existence • Some misconceptions in Data Management when we talk about the ‘Data’ and ‘Reality’ • The impact of the new definition of Data 4. What is needed in the next version of DAMA-DMBOK 5. Why we need both the ‘Data Literacy’ and the new scope of Data Management as we know it OUR SPEAKER Director of DAMA China (HK), a data management professional organization affiliated with DAMA International (www.dama.org). Formerly, Mr. Hu was the Chief Technology Officer at the World Bank, responsible for the overall corporate information technology architectural design, development, delivery and operation supporting the World Bank’s strategy and mission, and later the CIO/Advisor at the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong, Commissioner at China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Senior IT Advisor at China National Council for Social Security Fund, in Beijing. #dataliteracy #data #datamanagement #cognition For more information please visit the IRMAC website event page at: https://www.irmac.ca/events/list.php?event_id=158

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