What we're about

Welcome to the group ISAIR.

This is a group called ISAIR for anyone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It is worth remembering of what Elbert Hubbard's once said, "One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man". So, one thought of man can create anything that is even beyond Artificial Intelligence.

Thought is everything. Man's greatest ability is to think. There is no limit for Imagination and creativity. We started this group to form a network of people of likely minded people of same trade(AI and Robotics) to explore opportunities to solve some of global crisis.

Who we are:

ISAIR is a group of Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Technologists, Specialists, Entrepreneurs & Product/Service owners, Neurosurgeons, Psychologists, Start-ups of AI & Robotics

What we do:

1. Foster young scientists, researchers, engineers. start ups and entrepreneurs in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning and Expert systems.

2. Build linkages through network of AI & Robotics enthusiastic, experts, investors, academics and industries.

3. Disseminate information and increase awareness of importance of AI and Robotics through workshops, seminars, and events.

4. Explore new opportunities by nurturing contacts between young & mid career scientists, engineers, technologists and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the areas of AI & Robotics.

If you have any query, please do send us your mail and let us know.

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