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The Whole is “Greater” than Sum of its Parts ... -Aristotle

Last couple of years there has been interesting advances in the ISMAC (IoT , Social Media , Mobility , Analytics &, Cloud ) space ...The emerging business , social solutions will increasingly leverage one or more of these technological advancements .

This is a passionate group focused on Ideating , Developing Business & Social Solutions using the appropriate ISMAC technologies . Intended for those members -who while developing deeper expertise in one of the ISMAC areas - are also excited in '"connecting the dots "and are look for “last mile reach” using one or more of the ISMAC advancements .

Whether you are technology Specialist or a domain experts ,a hobbyist or generally curious in problem solving - everyone is invited! .If you have a business problem – and want to do a POC (with or without resources) or you have a great idea which requires expertise across the ISMAC space or you are one of the experts in Mobility , Analytics ,Big Data or understand the world of digital marketing , SEO - let's bring it all together and Connect the “Dots”.

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