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TraceTogether, Device Management Application, and Privacy

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TraceTogether, Device Management Application, and Privacy


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and join us as we host a lively panel discussion on two very Singaporean online privacy issues that have hit the news recently. Pose questions to our panel of technology and legal experts and share your own thoughts.

The TraceTogether Programme is a programme to enhance Singapore’s contact tracing efforts, in the fight against COVID-19. It comprises the TraceTogether App and TraceTogether Token. Both the App and Token work by using Bluetooth signals to record other nearby TraceTogether devices. It was disclosed in Parliament that this personal contact tracing data can be used in police investigations. Parliament has since introduced a Bill in Parliament restricting the use of to serious offences, including terrorism, drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping and serious sexual offences such as rape. What are the privacy and other implications of this use of personal contact tracing data?

In March 2020, MOE announced that all Secondary 1 students will own a school-prescribed personal learning device (PLD) by 2024 under a new national digital literacy programme. All PLDs will have a Device Management Application (DMA) installed, which captures data on students' online activities and web search history to "restrict access to objectionable material", and gives teachers control over the PLD. Students can use existing home digital devices, but such devices will have to have DMA installed. An online petition was launched to protest the need to protect student privacy.

Immediately after the webinar ends (8PM) you are also invited to stay on for the Annual General Meeting of the Internet Society Singapore Chapter and election of new Executive Committee.

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