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ITExperience is a non-profit organization that provides educational and real-life IT project experience to
participants with the goal to help them be better equipped with the skills needed in the IT/Technology
industry that will enable them to land a job or start their own business. Our target participants include
upskillers, IT/Tech Bootcamp graduates, fresh graduates in the technology industry, people returning to
the industry. Our platform will provide tools for online training and collaboration such as Udemy, Cousera, Udacity, Github, Trello and will also draw mentors from the academia and industry experts. In addition to providing educational, mentoring and real-life project experiences, our platform will also assist participants in networking with industry, resume services, job search and IT/Tech job recruiting.

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Improve Your Resume with Practical Strategies

Online event

ITExperience in Collaboration with Grow with Google will be discussing how to improve your resume with practical strategies.

Join Grow with Google Speaker Maria Elena Duron and prepare yourself with how to create a powerful and purposeful resume.

Read a resume like a hiring manager. In this workshop, you’ll get four strategies to improve your resume and a checklist of tips to help you communicate your strengths.

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Power Your Job Search with Google Tools

Online event

Looking to get a job or make a career change? you are in the right place

Let's start by powering our job search using google tools.

This is brought to you by ITExperience in partnership with Grow with google, come learn from the best.

See you soon!!!

Discover new job opportunities using Google Search, and learn how to organize and enhance your job search experience using Google Workspace tools.

In this session we’ll discuss best practices for:

Discovering career opportunities using Job Search on Google
Using Google Sheets to track the progress of job applications
Creating a resume using Google Docs

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