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Big Data Stacks and Kafka Magic

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After a great summer time and the urgent need to learn, share and connect, ITNEXT will proudly host a new meetup. This Engineering orientated gathering can't be missed!

You will have Ping-pong, pool table, foosball, darts, beers and - of course! - food!!

18:00 – Doors open. Food & drinks provided
19:00 – Dimitris Stafylarakis - Dissecting the sandbox: Tailor-made BigData stack for developers
19:45 – Break
20:00 – Joris Meijer - Challenges of managing a Kafka cluster for a large enterprise organisation with just 4 people
20:30 – Pool, laughing, networking and drinks until someone kicks us out!

Biography Dimitris Stafylarakis
Dimitris has a broad set of interests (software development, infrastructure, data engineering to name a few) with more than 10 years of professional experience as an engineer. He’s busy trying to make sense of it all and constantly thinks he’s almost there.

Abstract talk
Developers typically rely on one of the sandbox environments offered by Hortonworks in order to play with a BigData stack. While these are great help for someone who doesn’t want to be bothered much with what’s happening under the hood, Dimitris thought it would be more insightful to create a stack from scratch. In his talk, Dimitris will present the results of his work and lessons learned on the way.

Biography Joris Meijer
Joris isn't a pure software engineer, nor is he a pure ops engineer. Joris likes to combine technologies from different worlds to find the best solution for the client. As of 2015 totally and happily submerged in the world of streaming data, all things Kafka. Apart from helping clients adopting a streaming platform, he is also organizer of the Kafka Meetup Utrecht and gives Kafka training occasionally.

Abstract talk
You are running a platform based on Apache Kafka for a large enterprise, and you have been so successful in evangelizing the platform, that load of people start to queue up at your desk to get connected. Before you know it, you are supporting dozens of development teams and topics. Then suddenly something happens in production. Load on a topic is dropping. A consuming application starts lagging on another topic. Meanwhile developer John Doe contacts you about his very important topic that he wants to promote from Acceptance to Production. You want to help them all proactively if you can. But, who is the data owner of these topics? Which applications are using them? Who are the respective development teams? And, more importantly, how can we contact them? In this talk, Joris will talk about experiences and insights gathered running the Apache Kafka Business Event Bus in production inside a Tier-1 bank in the Netherlands, eventually lead to the development of a self-service enterprise stream management solution for Kafka.