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Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

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Note: We will be in Gold Room B

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi

This will be a basic overview of the Raspberry Pi, with an emphasis on it's capabilities and demonstrations of basic setup and some simple applications.

We'll do an overview of the hardware and different versions of the Pi and talk about the Ports, Connectors, and General Purpose Input/output (GPIO) pins

We’ll discuss the many things you can you do with a Pi:

• Use as a basic Linux Desktop computer to run Apps and browse the web

• Run as an IoT device

• Program in many languages (Python, C++, C#, Mathematica and others)

• Run Servers (Media, Storage, even Web Servers)

• Control Devices

We will discuss the various flavors of Linux that can be installed on the Pi.

We’ll show how to install and setup Raspbian – the most popular Linux for the Pi

We’ll Show how you can use the GPIO of the Pi to control lights and motors, read data from sensors, and interact with the Internet of Things

Finally, (time permitting) we’ll do a brief demo of Windows 10 IoT on the Pi with a discussion of how to install it.


Robert Scarborough

Robert Scarborough is the current president IT Pro Toronto with more years of experience in the IT world than he cares to admit to. He has been a user of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices for over 4 years now and has setup small servers and written a few Apps.