OMG My Hard Drive DIED!!!! Now What???

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This month we are going to take a look at what’s new in the data recovery world. We will look at newer technologies such as SSDs and flash drives and discuss how recovering data from them is different from a traditional spindle drive. We will also talk about minimizing the chances of drive failures, how and why they fail, and whether your chances of a successful recovery are better or worse than with a traditional hard drive. Guidance will also be given on what to do when a drive fails to give the best chance for recovery.

Our Speaker: Tim Margeson is the Owner of CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc based in Markham, ON. While in charge of the day-to-day business of the company, Tim also has a vast experience in the data recovery industry going back over 20 years. Having seen almost every kind of storage media and its failings over two decades, Tim has a unique perspective of where computer storage has come from and where it is going. Tim’s core values of honesty and integrity have also influenced CBL’s business principles with the company’s core service guarantees and policies striving to treat the customer with respect and to ‘solve the problem’.

After work, Tim - a father of 2 active boys - coaches competitive baseball, drives his sons to and from hockey rinks, and enjoys trying some of the province’s local microbrews.