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Marek Stój: Sitting Kills Us… but We Can Stand Up to It

Is your well-being important to you? I bet it is. Do you take care of your health then? Do you systematically run or visit a gym? Or maybe you practice yoga? Play squash? The thing is, it does not matter as much as you might think. Even if you exercise in your leisure time on a regular basis, you spend most of your workday on your buttocks and that, as it turns out, is very unhealthy. There is now 3 decades worth of research linking sedentary lifestyle to myriad health problems. What is even worse, you can not completely mitigate the risks by just exercising. So is there anything we can do about it? The solution is actually quite simple, and yet very difficult to implement due to a combination of factors like our cultural upbringing, psychosocial barriers as well as all the technological advancements of the last century that cater to our lazy human nature and render us immobile. In this talk, I can only show you the first step. You are the one that has to take it. And how do we go from there? I believe the only way is - together.


Marek's experience: .NET, C#, Android, Java, Big Data, Scala... 10 years and counting. Not really important. What matters is that Marek is a fellow geek, fascinated by the ever-growing influence of theoretical foundations of computer science on the IT industry. But Marek is also someone who finally realized that a passion can easily turn into an obsession which blinds us from the truth - that there is more to life than coding. And this idea, he believes, is worth spreading.

2nd speaker

Krzysztof Kołosowski: Packing your product on a Road Trip

Roadmap – sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? If you think about it, creating a roadmap is just like going on a road trip. So let me take you for a ride and show you some best practices for building your very own plan for success.


Krzysztof, business analyst with multi-domains experience, currently working as a business consultant in an automotive company. Advocate of effective, interactive meetings and unorthodox approach to projects. Avid cyclist and gadget lover. Over the last few years fountain pen enthusiast with a special interest in calligraphy.