(not announced) MOM LA (Motown On Mondays) J DILLA vs MOTOWN Edition


Congratulation on looking ahead on the calendar and fining the "secret" events that are not yet announced.

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In some cases this is ready to announce. And it will be announced about one(1) month before the event date with finalized details.

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You are encouraged to RSVP now and you will get sure to get updates.
If you would like to host this event as the primary or as an additional Event Host . . . please message Mac and say you would like to Host.
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Again . . . info in this may not be correct and reflect last year's info. So there is no need to message me about date or logistics errors. Those will be dealt with one month prior to the event.

The is at "The Short Stop" on Sunset. If you look at Yelp it looks like most folks left 1 star because Yelp will not allow them to leave zero stars.


This looked just interesting enough to go and check out. There are several reasons. It's Free (with rsvp via the link). They have $4 Peroni beer (if you like beer). And best of all, . . . the music may very well be da bomb!!

Sure. I will stand out, . . . to say the least, or at least pretty sure I will. Not any more than the time I went Pip's on La Brea (Don't worry, . . .will do that for a future meetup).

Why go?

It's Motown On Mondays AND It's Dilla month!!!

The 5th annual J DILLA vs MOTOWN edition of Motown On Mondays (LA), celebrating Jay Dee's birthday, legacy, and his roots within the Motor City!

MOM LA (Motown On Mondays) J DILLA vs MOTOWN Edition

celebrating the birthday of James "J Dilla" Dewitt Yancey featuring MOM DJs:





Spinning originals, remixes, covers, and close relatives of your favorite MOTOWN songs, + J DILLA productions and the original samples!


Happy Hour from 9pm-10pm



Full disclosure folks, . . . I will likely be there early and then in and out. I do have a daughter so I can't spend all nite. Since this seems to be something that goes all nite, use the comments area to post and find the meetup as a sign does not work. I have gotten zero info from the MoM folks and I am unsure if indeed they are doing DillaDay (J Dilla is regarded as a visionary).

Every Monday is a different variant of a Mowtown Theme. So there will be Motown. It just might not be Dilla re-mixes mixed in with the regular Motown.

The place gets packed so meeting up takes some creative work on your part. When you get there first read the comments area.

And then Post what you are wearing and were you are, . . . important to include the time you are posting. One by one people will be able coagulate to a group or several small groups.

The earlier you get there the better. The later and there will be a line. It's not your tradional meetup were where we can gather and talk. It's dark, . . it's noisy. . . lots of people, . . and it's super fun. So this one is a collaborative effort.

This is an event is FREE (to get in), beverages cost, but they request that you make a donation to The J Dilla Foundation to help support their mission! Whatever dollar amount you feel like giving will help go a long way. They will be collecting donations at the event! For more info on the foundation, please visit:




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