Event in progress. Paintball or Mini--Golf

"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
Public group

Aroma Spa and Golf

3680 Wilshire Blvd · Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

Park in the structure. Go to front desk and tell them you are going to range and get a validation. Then go to the TOP FLOOR of the range. You can't miss us.


Congratulation on looking ahead on the calendar and fining the "secret" events that are not yet announced.

This event is posted but not "announced."

In some cases this is ready to announce. And it will be announced about one(1) month before the event date with finalized details.

It is still in progress of being "written up." And in others it is in need of something like an Event Host.

You are encouraged to RSVP now and you will get sure to get updates.
If you would like to host this event as the primary or as an additional Event Host . . . please message Mac and say you would like to Host.

Sad news. . . . They have changed the rules to attend. ONLY one person per lane. No"teaching" or helping except for hired and approved pros.
So now looking for Mini-Golf or Paintball fun to replace this event

If there is one great thing about living in the city it's the diversity of what's available. So why do another bar night when you can do THIS!

This meetup event is PERFECT for you if you have NEVER played golf before AND it is intended for those who know what they are doing. Think of it as a twist on mini-golf, . . . It's very simple meetup. Pay for some balls, . . . Golf, . . . then laugh liberally, . . . make friends along the way. So let's all get together and make fools of ourselves. We will take the top floor. This way it make it look like the ball went farther as it has higher to fall.

Like the title says, . . . Golf for people who don't golf. Come and socialize. Come and watch (you know you like to watch). Or come and experience. Either way, . . . get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Question: But I can golf. What do I do? Come!!!! You will the teacher to bunch of teachees.
Real golf people are encouraged to sign up. You have have some fun giving basic instruction or just laughing with the rest of us. As well as hitting balls farther than all the newbies.

Here is the plan:
Aroma Spa and Golf is on Wilshire just east of Western Ave. It's a block or two away from The Wiltern. It is a 6 story tall Golf Driving Range in K-Town (the bottom two stories are the parking structure).

They have validated parking (big win in k-town).

Park in the structure and go up to the main desk on the 3rd floor and get a validation (tell them you are going to the driving range, . . . because you are). Then go up to the top floor/6th floor. That's where we will be. How cool is that!!!! You can aim for your own car!!!

Bring clubs if you have them. Bring to share (that's the fun)

Cost: I will book out bunch of lanes, pretty much all 15 lanes on top. And we will proceed to fill them as we go.

Of course I can't book them out for free. So there will be a charge. They charge me up front when I make the hold. It will be $15 per person in advance.

It was $10 per person for early-birds. It is $15 Per Person week before and $20 Per Person day of. (it pays to plan ahead). Refunds given in you have to cancel more than 24 hours in advance. RSVP's will be open till all spots are paid . This did fill up last time we did it a year ago.

Club Rental: they do rent clubs. But people will bring theirs to share. Yes, . . . this a silly and out of the box fun event.
The last time we did this I had NEVER held a club before. This will make it my second time.
I am sure I will have the golf club be launched a few times. Being a lefty, . . . I am sure will not help. This will be our practice for going to Mini-Golf another time. So you just had a blast doing this, . . . now what?