The Reverse Book Club: It's Books IN A BAR!!! Drinking with Books and friends.

"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
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12121 Riverside Dr · North Hollywood 91607, CA

How to find us

When you enter we will be off to the left in the tables and seating area. Look for the nerdy guy that does not look like he would or should be in a bar. And then look for the people holding books and having engaging conversations. You have found it

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This is a Reverse Book Club. Instead of it being a "book club"where we all have a book ahead of time we read . . . .


Bring a book to discuss. It could be your favorite book. Or your latest read. Or it can even be something you have not, read but wish to.

Here is what will happen . . . We get to the bar and you see people with books. Books in a bar, . . . whoulda thunk it?

The spirited discussion starts from there. Voila!!

Let the literary exchange begin!! My guess is sometimes two folks. Other times 3 or more. It depends upon the book and the discussion.

If you see a book you would like to read then start a discussion asking about that book.

If you have a new tome you picked up and want to read this is a perfect way to talk with somebody who has.

WHERE!!!!(To be determined)

This bar used to be the kind of place where if you dropped your car keys you just called a locksmith instead of picking them up. Bar Rescue came in and did an episode on them. Spruced it up and re-vamped. The veneer of vamp peeled away. I think they put new ice in the ice machine.

Still the same place but now you can pick your keys up.

Aside from that, . . .Pat's has more space. And it's a good place to get this rolling. It will rotate to other neighborhoods and Dives

So 7:30 to 10 gives us 2 hours (depending upon your math).

So here is the idea.

Every 45 mins I will make an announcement and will encourage rotation and shuffling . . . So you talk to other books .. . Errrr I mean folks.

This not meant as strictly a pickup thing. . . It's about the books and spirited discussion with other lit minded or people with a mind they are not afraid to use. It's also a way to get out and be social for the Lit minded set. Who says the book minded don't like a sip with friends!?!? As well as start a Dive Bar Tour of Los Angles?

But wait!!! It gets better! At the breaks when asked to shuffle . .. Maybe somebody will volunteer to read (in a very spirited fashion) a selection or good nugget from their book or from a book they just found and are newly inspired by. We are talk'n a small paragraph here. Maybe a minute.

Other details.


No Cover

Well drinks /basic mixed drinks 4.75

Domestic tap 4.25

Import tap 5:25 (need to double check that some like Guinness more)

Free juice and soda to Designated Drivers.

Add comments of what bars or locations you would like down the road. Or any other thoughts recommendations or opinions you have. C'mon folks . . . It's a collaborative effort here.