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"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
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939 Maple Avenue 2nd Floor · Los Angeles, CA

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I should be wearing a bright red cardigan. I'll try and wave it above my head.

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Congratulation on looking ahead on the calendar and fining the "secret" events that are not yet announced.

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In some cases this is ready to announce. And it will be announced about one(1) month before the event date with finalized details.

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There are some changes folks!!!!!! Leaving this whole thing as is so you can know what you originally RSVP'd to SHIP CATS Adventure, Courage, Betrayal! w/ Paul Koudounaris

BUT!!!!!! Ship Cats Lecture MOVED to Sat at 2:30 (be there by 1:30), . . AND content expanded to beyond just Nautical kitties

The Correct info is here:

Thurs Eve will ONLY be the Cat Art Show opening Night.

So this is a huge change of info. If you want to see the Cat Art Show, . . . Goon Thurs or the other posted hours.

If you want to see the best lecture on feline heroics, . . . That's Sat afternoon.

Check HERE ( for the corrected and updated info.

So this starts a month ago when I saw an obscure listing for something called Ship Cats in the weekly. Foolishly I thought it was going to be an event about a book release off cats dressed up in nautical theme. And that sounded just quirky enough to go see. After all, . . . The Internet is powered by Cats. So this might be nice to see the source. Just mainline the whole feline phenom.

Two things, . . .. I could not have been further wrong in what the content was. The other was that is was FAR MORE EPIC than I could have ever imagined. It would have been the PURRRRRRRFECT MEETUP!!!!

The reality was it was a LECTURE, . . . yes a Lecture!!!! And best of all, . . . it was a lecture on Ship Cats. Yes, . . . that 's a thing.

This lecture (that I thought was to be a goofy picture book) was given by Paul Koudounaris

The lecture, the lecturer . . .the people that came, . . . lets just say my head exploded.

Paul was to be doing the lecture two more times. Once in SF, and the other in SD.

But The Cat Came Back!!!!!

Ship Cats RETURNS!!!!!! And to top it off it will be in conjunction the CAT ART SHOW LA (

SO here are the details. . . The Free part of the Cat Art Show is from 8 to 10 PM

6 to 8 is the special (paid) VIP time.

The exact details of the Paul Koudounaris lecture on Ship Cats is not exactly firm yet. I should know by Fri. As of right now seating limited to 60 or 90. . . . again, . . it's still up in the air.

An RSVP here will be for the Lecture or for the subsequent LA CAT ART SHOW. And I will then be able to send you specific info as it is firmed up.

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!! Ship Cats lecture and Cat Art Show, . . . this is enough to tip the world off it's axis or stop global warming!!!!


Second round of feline inspired art to with artists including Mark Ryden,
Mick Rock, Marc Dennis and Norman Reedus.

In 2014 Cat Art Show LA brought together thousands cat lovers and art enthusiasts. The success caught many off-guard, and garnered national attention. The show was featured in numerous media outlets including Buzzfeed, Time, CNN and NPR, among others.

And like all good things . . . a sequel is due.

On March 24th, 2016 to Think Tank Gallery (

. The exhibition will once again focus on the cat—our domesticated companion and internet meme—as muse.

More than 70 globally-recognized artists including Mark Ryden, Norman Reedus, (“The Walking Dead”) Marion Peck, Travis Lampe, Walter Chandoha, Mick Rock, Adam Wallacavage, and Kat Von D, among others. All of the artwork will be available for sale including both originals and limited editions and a portion of the proceeds will go to Kitten Rescue (

This show is being curated by Susan Michals

Each artist was asked the basic question: What is the true meaning of cat for you—ally, domestic partner, enemy, frenemy, allergic reaction or guru?

Along with the previously mentioned artists, others participating in 2016 include:

Adriana Gasperi, Alexandra Troitskaya, Alexei Sovertkov, Annie Terrazzo, Brandi Milne, Brandon Boyd, Britt Ehringer, Cara Long, Charlie Becker, CYRCLE, Daniel Maidman, Diane Hoeptner, Don Pendleton, Edwin Ushiro, Emma Mount, Fedele Spadafora, GAAS/Suara, Heather Mattoon, Horitomo, Ingrid Allen, James Seward, Jamie Fales, Jason Edward Davis, Jason Shawn Alexander, JeanPierre Arboleda, Jeff, Haynie, Jeff Nentrup, Jenny Parks, Joann Biondi, Johannah O’Donnell, JoKa , Katsunori Miyagi, Kerri Hobba, Koichiro Takagi, KOZYNDAN, Laura Keenados, Leslie Kirchhoff, Leslie Kirschhoff, Lucia Heffernan, Luke Chueh, Lyn Winter, Lynn Jones, Marie Vlasic, Marion Peck, Martin Hsu, Martine Coppens, Michael Caines, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Midori Furuhashi , Natalia Fabia, Noah Eaton, Nuria Riaza, Paul Koudounaris, Rachel Schlueter, Rae Cook, Ravi Zupa, Rebecca Rose, Rebecca Artemisa, Rich Hardcastle, Rob Reger, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Scott Hove, Scott Zaragoza, Silvio Porretta, Simon Tofield, Sonya Palencia, Stephanie Han, Suger Fueled, Thiago Goms, Tim Biskup, Tobias Keene, and Zane York.

Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel is curated, created, and produced by Susan Michals ( Also the creator of CatConLA ( This show is also being produced in association with Daniel Salin