Bumbling Spelling Bee. An adult Misspelling Bee of sorts.

"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
"! ! i wanted to do that . . . just not alone ! ! !"
Public group

Vertical Wine Bar in Old Pasadena

70 N Raymond Ave · Pasadena, CA

How to find us

Come up the stairs and in the front door. And you can't miss us.

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Welcome the the Bumbling Spelling Bee

Yes. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. And you are all invited to come just for the spell of It.

This is the sordid adult version where we will make the Bee really Buzz, Bumble, Laugh and have a raucous time. The longer you stay in, the worse you spell. And when we are done we will have found a King or Queen.

It's very simple. Try to spell ridiculous and racy, or themed words without cheating and checking your SmartPhone. Get a word wrong and there penalties (you don't have to drink booze if you don't want to), and you are out till the next game begins. Get the word right? You’ll move on to the next round and have a chance to win prizes. There’s even live ESPN-style commentary at this killer misspelling bee.

Each Bee or Game will last about 45 mins. Several rounds in each game as people get knocked out.

So that means 8:15, 9:15 and 10:15 (or so)

At 8 will will start to sort everybody out. And get started at 8:15. I am putting 7:45 for all the slackers out there.

The regular rules apply . . . you may ask the word to be used in sentence. Warning: That strategy may not end well as at times the words may pertain to anatomy, sensual expressions, bedroom behavior and sexy slang. And be prepared spell things in other languages. Is Pig Latin a language? Hmmmmmm. It’s free to participate and just as fun and free to watch. And you know you like to watch . . .

Yes this is Apocalypse Nerd. The competition is usually limited to the first 15 contestants, so arrive early. We will play three games so you can get in on the later games. But you will have to spell out (not literally) to the audience and judges why you should play. Mild bribery accepted as there is no political office involved.

Note: This is NOT a Drunken Spelling Bee. It is more of a Mildly Intoxicated Bumbling Bee. 5 contestants will be given a free drink to start. Yes. There will be a competition for that, too.

Read between the lines and know that we will be having fun!

No cost enter.

No charge to spectate.

No Cover.

No Minimum.

What are you waiting for? RSVP now!!!